A Search for Identity & Purpose

In the modern age of social media, managing boundaries and fostering healthy development for children and teenagers has many new questions and challenges for parents, teachers, pastors, and others. 

And where youth in the past would commonly fixate and fantasize on becoming things like rock stars and pro athletes; many adults now will also be hearing about the dreams of kids to be professional gamers, YouTube stars, or some other form of social media "influencer." 

Where do this desire come from and what does it mean? 

Join us for a FREE hour-long live presentation and discussion on November 4, 2021; where Dr. David Hall and Matt Scheuneman with Negev Institute will be looking at this trend through the lens of psychological development and Christian spiritual formation.

Even if you cannot make it to the live webinar, you will have access to the replay if you register here. We hope you will join us for the time.

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